2NE1 All or Nothing Tour Singapore Stop

Hi all! I just attended my first K-pop concert of the year: 2NE1's All or Nothing Tour wohoo!!
So happy to be able to attend it because I actually had to give their previous concert in 2012 (New Evolution Tour) a miss as I was in Bali attending my cousin's wedding.
When news was released about the girls coming to Singapore for a concert, I told the bff that I HAD to go. It was like..... die also must go lol.
Nails for the day - Dior's newly formulated nail polish Mirage 338 
You wanna know how excited I was to go for the concert? I coordinated my makeup to be all from Korean brands xD
Tried my darnest to find something from a Korean brand for loose powder but didn't have any (was on a BB/CC cream craze in Korea hence wasn't really too bothered about powder) so had to use my Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder and of course my one and only KATE Designing Brow because... I only own ONE brow product.
I talked more about the items I used in my Dayre (dayre.me/paulalogy) so hop on over if you're already on Dayre. Will also show them in the entry later as well.
But first... the finished look!
I just used everything as I normally would, didn't go for any special form of makeup because I was running late actually (oops!).
Dress code was adidas because 2NE1 endorses for them :P I'm a diehard Blackjack ok!
Now onto the makeup portion!


I layered the Innisfree CC Cream first before using the Nature Repulic Snail Therapy BB Cream.
BB cream comes with a sponge applicator attached to it (sorry for the gross pic)


Did my eye make-up in this sequence after applying my eyeshadow:
- Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner in No. 6 Pink Stud
- Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner
- Topped off the lashes with Clio Kill Volume Waterproof Mascara

 Rest of face:

 Oops,  realised I should have included the concealer with the face products and the eyeshadow with the eye products but nvm la huh lol.
Blush is from Nature Republic! Dirt cheap if my memory didn't fail me. Below $8SGD only lol and the colour is very natural looking. Good that it doesn't require a brush sos very good to bring around. I used to bring this to my old office to use daily actually.
Lip tint from Clio in No. 3 Enamel Pink. It was the most opaque colour out of all those released in this collection which was why I picked it up.
Eyeshadow is from Innisfree. It's no longer available (I just checked the local stores a few days back!) but I have to say I am impressed with the quality of their eyeshadows. Pigmented and no fall-out.
Met the bff for lunch at Kallang Leisure Park because we decided to skip out on the public press conference and to go queue for merchandise instead lol.
Thankfully we didn't go, the small mall was filled to the brim with people D:
From Soup Spoon wohooo I love that chocolate cake!
With le bff
Now this lightstick of mine brought about a funny incident that day. Because I left for Europe last year and my family were gonna move house, I didn't want to leave my lightsticks in boxes because that could mean crushing the boxes etc and I would probably have to kill someone lol. So I passed her my lightsticks to safe keep for me.
Told her to bring it along on the day of the concert without the box because it is very bulky. Then when she gave me the blue Merlion plastic bag, I was like 'Oh okay' and didn't think much of it.
Until this staff from the merchandise area asked me while passing us the order slip, 'Your lightstick fake one ah?'
I was like WTF NOOOOOOOOOO! FYI I purchased mine long before 2NE1 even came to Singapore for their previous concert from YGeshop okay!!!
Wah lauuuuuuu. So I told her very curtly because I was offended naturally that no, it is authentic.
Then she asked me where I bought it. Smack her face ah, your own company organized the previous concert and they brought in the same lightstick then as well. So why can't I own the lightstick prior to your merchandise stall opening? -.-"
Ya, so the bff laughed at me while Stella who came later on laughed at me as well about the blue Merlion plastic bag. I later threw it away because it was too embarassing haha!
Walked away from the merchandise stall $150 poorer D: Bought the picket to share with Sinhui and the jersey plus rings set. Suck all my money lor you evil organisers!!
Anyway, there were tons of things to do before the concert which is why I try to head to the venue earlier.
There was a LINE booth where you can take a picture with the 2NE1 sticker cutouts, post it on a social media platform, hashtag the special hashtag and then have a go at the turnabout to win a prize.
The gzbs and I are all avid fans of LINE because of the stickers available. We actually pay and download those we really like including the new 2NE1 stickers.
In fact, that was the day Sinhui and I actually bought the new 2NE1 stickers rofl.
Went to kill time at the new mall beside the stadium. There was a Smoothie King outlet and a promo that day so we all queued for it lol!
Took pictures with LINE mascots Brown and Cony too hahaha! Too cute liao they all but the stuff from the pop-up store a couple of months back were tmd ex please.
That night it was just the Dara fan (bff) and Bom fan (me) lol because everyone else was too poor to buy tickets -.-"
We were quite far from the main stage but it was okay haha! The girls actually appeared during their encore stage right below us where they walked and interacted with the crowd.
The concert was majorly awesome possum please! I kinda felt like tearing when their opening song started because I had waited so long to attend a full concert of theirs T.T It killed me so much to miss their previous one you know?! LOL
Anyway, we were mostly standing throughout because the whole atmosphere was that high!
LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY And Dara unnie hinted that YG Family Concert may happen in the near future on our sunny shores so... time to save money everyone! :D Alrighty, annyeong~