Dance & Review: Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction

As you all know I've been actively going for Kpop dance classes over the past couple of months. At least once a week la hor so better than nothing. Still perspiring and 'exercising' lol.
While I am not the best dancer, I like how dancing makes me feel - carefree with no restrictions. I used to be quite shy about dancing, I remember being super nervous when I first attended my first class at CJ. It was a SHINee combo class and Jojo was teaching 'Juliette'.
I was just perpetually self conscious of how ridiculous I would look like, just fumbling over the steps and not getting used to learning choreography.
After several years of going for classes on and off, now I have learnt to let it go *interjects 'Let It Go'* and lose myself in the music. Who cares if I cannot catch up or look stupid haha. The satisfaction I get from mastering a Kpop song really makes me very happy.
And it allows me to spend time with my friends which I like :)
So I attended a Kpop workshop last week at Seven Dance Studio. The ssaem (short form of 'teacher' in Korean) was Klime and the bff had attended his classes before while I was in Europe so while I have heard of him, I have never attended his classes before.
And that 1 hour really killed my thighs LOL! We were learning EXO's 'Overdose', not my first choice of song but it really is one of the latest songs released.
Wah, really pushed myself throughout that hour and I paid the price for it.
I couldn't walk the next day and only recovered a good 4 to 5 days later.
Oh wells, maybe that explains my perpetual hunger these days lol (simi logic pls). Anw, after the class, we were just camwhoring like mad >_<
Wae I no have makeup OTL
Last weekend the girls and I tried to organise a surprise birthday celebration for Sinhui.
But despite all the miscommunication and what not, we had a pleasant dinner at Miam Miam even though I was sick to the core throughout.
Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street

#02-14 Bugis Junction Singapore 188021

I've been meaning to try this French-Japanese restaurant so thanks to the bff's request of wanting to eat pasta, we decided to surprise her here. Brought little Sunggyu along. Erh, that's Wanjun's hamster by the way lol. He is a gift from Sinhui and I to her.
Stella made a card for Sinhui which we were all very amazed by haha because of the way to read the card.
Ok, on to the food!
The 4 of them ordered the iced matcha latte with softee, $8.80.
I didn't order it because I was already sneezing like mad so I had the chamomile tea with honey instead.
Wanjun's mac & cheese, $15.80
My french toast $15.80
I speak for my own dish and while I liked it, I couldn't justify the price. That white ball atop the french toast was some sort of cream and.. I would have preferred vanilla ice cream to be honest :/
Jace's lobster bisque pasta which was nice. Couldn't remember the pricing and it's not on their website either. Think it was around $18++?
Stella's Riz Noir Black Rice, $17.80
Sinhui's Miam Miam Capellini, $15.80
Camera shy Stella was the photographer lol
Matcha souffle, $10.80
I didn't eat this together with the rest because I was ill and didn't want to spread the virus to them. But they told me it tasted bad :x
Don't take my word for it yeah lol.
So we had to order one of their desserts in order to eat the cake that we bought from another store and brought in.
Miam Miam's policy :x
Again, couldn't understand why since they do not sell any cakes nor pastries but didn't contest otherwise.
I realise this is a problem with most F&B places in Singapore :(
Guess when you wanna have some cake or celebrate someone's birthday, best to do it at home lol.
Bluffing her that the matcha souffle was her cake HAHAHAHA
Of cos, not that mean. We bought her the Guanaja cake from Rive Gauche Patisserie ok.
Best.cake.ever. in my opinion
Happy birthday once again Sinhui! :D
And sorry for falling sick on your birthday 'party' lol.
Yes, even if I looked okay, you can see how swollen my eyes were in the pics.
Thanks for the company too ma gizibes!
Last but not least, leaving this entry with Gyutaro/Gyuball the Hamster lol.
He's quite the fluff ball isn't he? Haha.
Wanjun has been named the new age pet owner by me because she brings her hamster out with her to meet us LOLOL!
Okay, that's all folks. Till my next entry annyeong~