Dior Backstage Studio Haul

Hey all! Dior Backstage Studio located at ION Orchard Level B2-44/46 had a special 10% discount for DBS/POSB cards with $120 nett purchase last Saturday.
My lovely and friendly Dior BA sent me a picture of the sale details and I promptly went down to get some stuff.
I mean it's not everyday a freaking luxe and atas (slang for high-ended) brand like Dior has a sale right? #makingexcusesonly
And honestly to hit $120 wasn't difficult with a brand like Dior. I wanted everything in the store lol!
So here is my modest haul - I went home with only 2 items, the rest were freebies actually haha!
Here's my first item, Diorshow Eyeshadow Mono Transat Edition in 541 Pavillon.
It's part of Dior's Summer 2014 collection and my third item from it haha! I contemplated it when the collection launched here but I couldn't justify the price. I almost never buy single eyeshadows because I believe in quantity haha! If I paid almost another 50%, I could get myself a 5-colour eyeshadow palette! so no way was I paying for just one colour. So I held back then. But with the discount and that to die for rope-like pattern, I jumped on it! It is really too precious to not get it to be honest. Woes of a makeup addict lol.
Comes in the signature sleek Dior compact casing
Protective cover + 2 eyeshadow applicators which I never use
541 Pavillon in my opinion looks very peachy and a muted orange in the pan. When I swatched it with my finger, the pigment came off smoothly like butter. These eyeshadows can be used wet and dry as per Dior's usual eyeshadows.
While some Dior eyeshadows can be a total dud, this is a clear winner! Look at that colour!
This is a hand swatch in normal lighting with no primer.
The colour came out as a peachy, gearing towards the bronzy side, with micro shimmers.
And here's the thing: the rope pattern is too thick to be wiped away so.... I can has awesome rope-like eyeshadows for a long long time!! :D
If you dislike strong eye colours, I would suggest getting this and pairing with a brown colour for an everyday look! Or you can put on a bronze or copper shade for a night look.
I think I will wear this tomorrow to the office haha.
I picked up another Dior Addict Fluidstick in 872 Mona Lisette. I already own 575 Wonderland which I don't have a review for (oops! will work on it heh.) so I wanted to go back for this because this was the first one that drew my attention back when this line of lip products was launched.
It was a personal preference then but the BA on that day persuaded me to get 575 instead because it just got restocked that day when I popped by and also one of the four 'IT shades' which are constantly out of stock. And this time round I went for this first thing!
872 Mona Lisette is a deep pink colour that is very much cool toned. The formulation is a thicker than gloss like product but with the intensity of a lipstick and you'd have to apply more layers to get an opaque lip colour. I usually put on 2 coats because the formulation is quite runny initially and takes time to 'set'.
These lip products leave a faint stain on your lips after they go away but can be easily removed with makeup remover not to worry!
872 Mona Lisette is clearly much more muted than 575 Wonderland but deeper in colour. I like the purple undertones it has and just very nice to wear to work. I was obsessed with wearing 575 Wonderland when I first bought it and I think 872 Mona Lisette will be no different lol.
Comparison with 575 Wonderland (L) and 872 Mona Lisette (R)
Now onto the freebies!
The nice BA gave me a mini, sample-sized 5 colour eyeshadow palette in 809 Petal Shine! Hehe.
I just found it so freaking adorable! Just how awesome is this mini palette?! (inserts googly eyes with hearts)
It was just too precious for me to swatch so I left it alone lol. To admire hehehe. I wonder how mini my brushes should be when I attempt to use this.
Comparison of the mini sample with a full-sized 5 colour eyeshadow palette
I was just like... this looks like a parent and its mini-me version lol! Wouldn't you agree with me? :D
I also received a sample of the newly released Dior Addict It-Lash Macara in 092 It-Black.
This mascara was launched last week and when I was at the Sephora Members Sale on the same day, Dior staff were actively promoting this as well.
Now I am not a huge fan of branded mascaras. To me any drugstore mascara would suffice because mascaras dry out easily and I do not believe it paying so much for it. Oh and did I mention I have very short lashes too? LOL. So my lashes aren't thick and luscious ones hence I don't like to 'waste' money on high-ended mascaras.
The sample came as a mini tube with the applicator part of the lid of the tube.
Dior's claims for this line of mascaras:
Dior Addict It-Lash mascara creates long and curved, doe-like lashes as it coats for a smooth, radiant finish. The formula is supple and easy to layer for intense volume, and it becomes insoluble after it dries for long-wearing color—thanks to its unique latex gel polymer. The chubby mascara brush and easy-to-use handle makes this mascara super wearable, and allow it to coat lashes simultaneously along the full length and the entire fringe area.
It comes in 4 new shades - black, pink, purple and blue. I'm really looking forward to using it soon and see if it lives up to its name of creating volume for my lashes.
Alright, that's the end of my haul. I will post my Sephora haul in another entry so look forward to that.
Thanks for reading :D