Eye Products from Sephora


Hi everyone! I'm here to share a few eye products I picked out from Sephora, a small mini haul if you want to term this because it contains just 3 products:

  1. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny in Universal Dark Brown, SGD 42.00
  2. theBalm Put A Lid On It, SGD 35.90
  3. Tarteist™ PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, SGD 82.00

First up is this Brow Power Super Skinny brow pencil from IT Cosmetics. To be honest I carted it out because the reviews online were comparing this to the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (which I own and absolutely love! Gonna be very gutted when it runs out one day T__T) and saying that this is the cheaper alternative to the ABH one so I was curious if this will be an alternative to the ABH since ABH is not available in Singapore yet.

It is double-ended with the pencil on one end and spoolie on the other to brush your brows. While I like the convenience of such double-ended items, I had a hard time trying to hold on to this eyebrow pencil because it was REALLY skinny so it took awhile to find a nice comfortable grip to fill in my brows.

Selected the Universal Dark Brown shade and I think it matched fairly well with my darker hair colour so it should go well for Asians! The nib is really skinny and fine as described so you can fill in your brows with small strokes like how I did although it took me much longer than I normally do my brows with the ABH Brow Definer.

Picked the Put A Lid On It eyelid primer from theBalm because I'm a huge fan of theBalm's products - I think I own at least 95% of their makeup palettes with the exception of those released this year - and I was tempted to see how this fared against the UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion which mine has expired cos it's darn bloody old liao lol. Anyway, just a quick note, don't you love how quirky theBalm's packaging is always done? I think I'm always drawn to their products because of the packaging 99% of the time :D

The eyelid primer comes in a tube form and in a nudish-tone liquid. Texture-wise it is slightly less viscous than the UD one and feels as if it contains more oil in it but nevertheless it didn't feel oily nor cake my eyeshadow when I used it underneath eyeshadow. To be honest I felt that it performed very similarly in terms of lasting power to the UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion just that this comes in 1 shade compared to UD but I do have to point out that if you do not like the silicone-feel of the UD primer than you should try out theBalm's!

Last item is this newly released Tarteist™ PRO Amazonian Clay Palette by tarte! I was really excited to play with this beauty here because the colours in this palette is really to die for plus black and gold packaging just screams 'LUXE' everywhere.

Includes a huge mirror in the palette which I love!

Before I dug into and ruined the nice embossing over each individual matte eyeshadow

Comes with an instruction leaflet using the colours in the palette to create 4 different eye looks, very handy if you get too overwhelmed with eyeshadows and don't know where to start.

I swatched the palette across each individual row from left to right here, no primer used:

My first impressions were really bad though for the darker matte eyeshadows because it was soooooo powdery and dry but the lighter shades fared pretty decently. At the end of the swatching, the entire palette was covered in eyeshadow power which made cleaning up a mess lol. However, the redeeming factor of this eyeshadow palette are the metallic shades. They blended sooooo smoothly like butter and there was no fall out after applying onto my arm.

Oh and I really liked how the rows actually come together to complement each other i.e. you can use shadows in the same row for an eye look if you lack ideas on how to create eyeshadow looks so this a major plus as well!

Simple eye look using profesh over the entire lid, chic in the outer v and crease and ethereal slightly higher than my eyeliner to give it extra bling. I paired theBalm's Put A Lid On It below the eyeshadows and somehow it managed to contain the fall out from the matte shades although I did have to tap my brush much more often to remove excess eyeshadow before applying onto my eyelids. Brows were also done with the IT Cosmetics brow pencil and I think it made my brows look pretty natural although the grip is something I have to get used to while applying it lol.

Ok so that's it for my small eye product haul from Sephora. Do remember to shop your favourite eye products here!

*Disclaimer: Special thanks to Sephora SG for providing me with all the products reviewed but all opinions in this entry remain fully and 100% mine.