Food... glorious food! And.. a new hair colour.

Yup, the title says it all.
So please don't read this when you're hungry hahaha!
I've been on a food spree. Sometimes when I look at my IG feed, I'm like..."Paula you siao makeup and nail polish, not food leh -.-" how come all your pics are mostly food one"
HAHAHAHA. Ok digression, I tend to do that alot actually.
So yeah, here's some pictures of food that I've been enjoying.
I have to say that ever since I've joined my new company, I have yet to ever have fast food for lunch you know O.o
Prawn mee & ngoh hiang at Tanjong Katong area.
Pretty expensive but the prawns were fresh and just delish.
Oh, and the ngoh hiang was quite nice too.
Was feeling stressful after my meetings one day then told the bf that we had to have Korean BBQ that day for dinner!
It has been so long since I've had my serving of samgyupsal /slurps/
This was at Wang Daebak's China Square outlet.
Since I'm still living in Chinatown, Wang Daebak seemed the most appropriate choice plus I really like the concept of the egg being steamed on the pan in front of us.
Must find recipe to recreate gae-ran jjim at home! Me likey this dish alot actually.
But always fail when I attempt to cook it -.-"
Side dishes & our samgyupsal on the grill
Ordered cold noodles, japchae and makkgeolli too that night.
Bill came up to close to $100 for 2 pax.
I swear we both were damn shocked but what the heck la.
I was stressed! (most valid reason ever!)
Windowsill in the Woods

78 Horne Rd

Singapore 209078

Met up with an ex-colleague to have ban mian at City Plaza but its standards had dropped drastically.
Didn't feel quite 'shuang' about that meal so I suggested going to Jalan Besar for dessert haha (despite her attempts at saying she wanted to drink bubble tea).
Ended up at this quaint little cafe and I enjoyed the truffle pie tremendously!
So did she which was why she ended up 'ta-bao'-ing 2 of them home.
Random yong tau foo shot along the Siglap area.
Fantastic? Nope, not quite.
We paid like $9.30/pax for all that food here and 3 bowls of noodles.
Bloody daylight robbery!
GRUB (at Bishan Park nearer to Thomson & AMK area)

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

Singapore 569983
Last Saturday my friend and I met up to have brunch before heading to a blogshop's warehouse sale in the Sin Ming area. Totally impromptu plan because I was just telling the bf before heading to bed that I wanted to sleep in till 12pm the next day. Then her WhatsApp message came like 2 mins later lol. Anyhow, went to GRUB because I've been meaning to try this place for quite some time but without a car it's quite inconvenient to get there. Since my friend drives, it was the perfect reason to check out this brunch place :P
Here's my portion of french toast which is soooooooooooo fluffehhhhh!
My friend ordered the Grub Breakfast set that came with a drink. She said it was pretty nice.
We also ordered churros! WOHOOOOOOOO *\O/*
Afterwards we went to the sale and gave up cos it was too darn warm to be queuing up along the corridor + the queue was moving fairly slow :(
We had steamboat in the office the next day for lunch.
And then Round 2 came the day after Round 1.
Tee hee, I quite like my this bunch of colleagues.
Finally went to find time to utilise my voucher from Salon Vim at the 313@Somerset outlet.
Went along with the bf because he wanted to get a haircut too hahaha.
Dyed my hair because I wanted to cover up all my grays :(
The explosion of white hair appearing on my head throughout my stay in Europe and China was so horrifying.
I don't know what happened but it got quite out of hand that I just really wanted to colour them all away.
I'm quite pleased with the new colour even though no one has mentioned anything yet.
It's obviously not a very bright and attention-seeking colour but I still like the subtle colour which obviously covered all my white hair la.
Felt like I was betraying my usual hairstylist when I was there but bo bian, got free voucher why don't wanna use right? Lol. I will probably go back to him to get some hair treatment done soon.
HAHAHA like probably...... never.
I don't believe in doing hair treatments because it's expensive leh... 
Alright last pic before I go off... chicken rice at Tanglin Halt :D

Fat die Paula with all the fats :(