Happy Lunar New Year!

(cr to owner)
Hello! Happy New Year everybody :) I'm back from China already so hopefully I will resume regular updates yeah?
So I've been up to tons of activities since my return....
By doing something the entire Singapore judges people who do it hahaha!
Yup, queued for bak kwa at Lim Chee Guan.
Don't judge okay, my mother wants the bak kwa so I didn't have a choice. I'm very filial one! :D
I met up with Yvonne my ex-colleague too and was very excited because she bought a tin of cookies from Jenny Bakery for me!
Luckily we had a long weekend for CNY celebrations and I took half a day off to go shopping with Jacelyn on CNY Eve :P
With my Double Ls! HAHA ok la my Craftholic bears from BFF and Wanjun
This year's CNY was a very quiet one, I only went to both grandparents' homes for visitation before going back to sleep the night away hahaha!
With my awesome cousins lol
Love of my life whom I have a love-hate relationship with :P
I hope CNY has been good for all of you, huat big big and collect alot of angbao money k!
Still have 7 more days to go.
Will be heading to KL and HK next week for work and then for a personal holiday.
Cannot wait because I am extremely burnt out plus I have to move into the new house too.
Excited for that as well hahaha!
Alright, talk again annyeong~