I'm still alive and kicking!

Hey all, I am still alive hahaha! Can you believe that it is almost May already?!
Bloody hell what have I been doing for the past 4 months huh?! /emo/
Just coming here to catch-up and upload some pictures.
Sorry, my life has been fairly boring: work, go home, go for dance class then sleep.
That's all T.T Sad right?
I really want a puppy! Here is my friend's toy poodle, his second one to be exact hahaha. Oh gosh, it's so fluffehhhhhhh /turns on Agnes from Despicable Me mode/
I finally finished my first K-pop dance of the year - Infinite's "Be Mine" 박수!!~
Didn't really practice as hard as I did for "I Got A Boy" from last year but what the heck la. I am actually surprised at my ability to complete the entire dance naturally lol.
Learning another Infinite song now - "BTD" - and it is killing me!! The scorpion move D:
Moving on, I went for Electric Run a couple of weeks back. I dunno whose kuku idea was it to go but bloody hell the tickets were expensive! And it wasn't even fun /insert angry face/
Not to say the company wasn't good, it was, but the whole set-up was just blah without music playing the entire route and... no one was running lor :x
Granted I wasn't running as well but what the heck la. Just... waste of my $68 to be honest.
My friend went to Japan on a YOLO trip before he started a new job position and I made him buy tons of things for me! Was talking to my mum about making a trip to Tokyo and Osaka if possible next year during the sakura season. Hopefully it'll happen :D
But anyways, I asked him to buy for me some Ippudo ramen that is available in Japan only which the bf and I absolutely love.
I have already devoured 2 of them, leaving 3 for the boy when he returns from Taiwan this weekend.
And Tokyo Banana, oh man the prints are just so ASFDGDDSKLFSJKJEIO cute!
OH AND MOARRR WOODSTOCK :D :D :D :D /does a happy dance/
Met up with the Bahasa Indonesian friends one day after BTD class for dinner! Ok la, Hidaya and Guan Jun are my friends. The lady here is my lecturer whom we all absolutely adore.
My Level 3 classes wouldn't have been so enjoyable if not for Ibu Indri honestly!
We went to Lucky Plaza to makan makanan khas Indonesia - ayam penyet actually!
Then we headed to Swenson's at Plaza Singapura to ngomong-ngomong lagi karena kita kehilangan sekali dengan Ibu dan teman-teman.
Actually it was just a nice catch-up session for all of us because I hadn't seen Ibu and Guan Jun in ages.
Ibu treated us to ice cream + fries hahaha! Felt kinda bad but I was broke so yeah!
Horeeeeeeeeee :D
More Woodstock items from Japan that I ordered through a Taiwan agent.
Boo for the price inflation but cannot be helped since no one can help me buy in Tokyo also T.T
Placed another order already and hopefully when I head to Taiwan in June, I will be able to collect them then.
Went to Ippudo @ Mohamed Sultan to celebrate CK's birthday (owner of the 2 toy poodles).
Oh boy, don't get me started on the horrible experience we had there.
Was served by a lady who clearly should be retrained in customer service.
She got our orders wrong, had the cheek to tell my friend thrice to "wait" because she was too busy carrying out bowls of ramen for our table's orders when my friend told her to check because there was this unknown bowl of ramen lying there and no one knew whose it was suppose to be.
And what did the rest of the staff do? HANG AROUND AND IDLE. Scratch what I mentioned above about retraining that lady. All of them should be schooled in providing good customer service.
Super sia suay can. Wtf, seriously. No one bothered to help the lady at all and she was carrying 12 bowls of ramen + appetisers out.
No one bothered to refill our glasses when they ran out of water, we had to request for it.
SMH really.
Nevertheless, shit experience. Will not return to that particular outlet.
You can jolly well take other people's business until you've shown a vast improvement in your customer service.
This duck rice is seriously da bomb! Everyone should really come here and try the duck rice + salted vegetable duck soup.
My colleagues and I are seriously in love with this stall hahah!
Here's the address:
Hup Seng Duck Rice

Blk 22 Sin Ming Road Singapore 570022

Guess who was back the week after Easter from Australia? Adabelllllleeeeeee :D
Met up with her last Saturday for tea that cost us both more than a proper meal lol.
Venue of our gossip session was PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance.
Truffle friesssss HOMG HOMG HOMG HOMG
My black cherry tiramisu
Some banana chocolate caramel cake with ice cream?
We ordered a choice of dessert each along with a serving of truffle shoestring fries to share.
When you go to PS Cafe, you die die also have to try this! It's seriously one of the best truffle fries I've had. While this portion will set you back a good $15 excluding GST and service charge, I find the price comparable to its portion hence I was willing to shell out the money.
That and the fact that truffle fries is one of my favourite food!
Almost every table ordered one and the smells were so heavenly~ Gosh, I need to stop gushing about it liao. Wait tonight dream about it haha.
Anyhow, I enjoyed the meeting with Belle because she said she wouldn't be coming back any time soon so...... ya. Either I fly there or we'll have to wait awhile before we can meet.
We shall see :)
Met up with the girls one night after work for sushi at The Standing Sushi Bar.
Brought the bf along while Lirong brought hers as well.
Hidaya and Juyin ended up becoming each other's dates lol.
I wasn't as impressed about the aburis served there, I preferred the ones from The Sushi Bar.
Neither was I impressed with the rice sets served. Food was bland and expensive. Blahhhhhh.
Not my kinda thing. Probably will not go back, I rather go queue at The Sushi Bar to be honest.
After which we headed to Waffle Slayer around Outram Park area thanks to Lirong's recommendation.
Red Velvet
Matcha and azuki
Squid ink and eggs benedict and salmon??
Shared 3 different waffles among the 6 of us. Ok, 5 since my bf doesn't really like desserts that much.
For the respective names of each waffles, please go to Lirong's blog when she posts the review haha.
See, have food blogger around the rest of us suddenly drop 10 levels down the effort to post Instagram worthy pictures lol.
She even went to another table to achieve better lighting while the rest of us just sat there and waited for the food to come back HAHAHAH!
I liked the red velvet one the most actually, no surprise because I really like red velvet :P
Matcha isn't really my kinda thing while the savoury one just tasted funny to be honest. Combination was a lil too weird.
Alrightly, have fulfilled my obligations to update before May arrives so leaving you with a cute picture of my bf and his baby nephew.
Who promptly proceeded to vomit on the bf after taking this selfie with him.
Talk about a nice baby ;) who will be receiving more gifts for tormenting the bf on my behalf hahaha.
Ok, this is a super long post.
Will be going to make my own lightbox this weekend, hopefully I can produce some nice pictures for this space soon.
BYE :) oh, and Happy Labour Day!