Innisfree Long Wear Cushion BB

Hey everyone! I've decided to go on a 'BB cushion challenge' because I've accumulated way too many over the past couple of months (3 omg! And... I have an existing one from Laniege that hasn't been used up).
I decided to use them because as you know, keeping the makeup for too long isn't really very advisable so I thought I'd make good use of them and write some reviews for everyone. Then you can decide if you want to pick them up locally or purchase them while in Korea :)
So my idea is to test each product out daily for a week and even if it sucks (touch wood!), I would have given it sufficient time to figure out how to work the product to my skin.
This is how I will test out the other BB cushions along the way. You can follow me on IG (@paulalogy) to see what I will be testing out week after week.
My first new BB cushion is from Innisfree - Innisfree Long Wear Cushion in No. 21 Natural Beige.
They actually landed on our sunny island not too long ago (it was launched in Korea in May 2014) and I had seen advertisements of them from the Innisfree Singapore Facebook page so when my cousins went to Korea at the end of May/early June, I told them to pick it up for me in No. 21 because that is the colour I usually use for BB cushions.
One thing to note is that all the brands in Korea usually have shades in the same numbers i.e. 13, 21, 23 etc and they are usually the same colour skin tones across most brands.
My usual Laniege BB colour is No. 21 in Natural Beige so I told my cousin to pick No. 21 for me from Innisfree. Wrong move, you'll see why later on!
(pic cr to Innisfree Singapore)
Picked the Long Wear type over the Water Glow option because I've naturally oily/combination skin. The Water Glow is more geared towards providing hydration so those of you with dry skin types should try that instead of the Long Wear version.
Here's the BB cushion pact. It comes with a mirror in the compact and a plastic cover attached to over the cushion area for you to place the sponge on top of it.
I've always thought it was an ingenious idea to have the design of the lid in this manner actually! Kudos to whoever who thought of it in Korea haha!

When you open the cushion pact for the first time, there would be a sticker seal over the cushion area to indicate that it's a brand new product. I already threw mine away by the time I started taking photos for this entry so, will try and keep that in mind for my next BB cushion next week! :D

This is how Innisfree advises its customers to use the BB cushions:
(pic cr to Innisfree Singapore)
I typically just take the flat sponge puff, press it into the cushion once and then slowly pat the product all over my face.
One thing that I've noticed from using this Innisfree cushion pact is that the cushion sponge is really tough and I really had to press quite hard into the sponge to get the product onto the puff.
My Laniege one is much softer and less 'tiring' to use lol! Ok, I'm really just plain lazy :x Use makeup also need to use strength simi logic leh? :/
The colour was actually a tad too light for me :( On hindsight, I should have gone down to an Innisfree store to try the colour but I was lazy to go all the way to town just to try the colour haha.
Imagine the shock of my life when I first applied the BB cream on the first day.
My colleague told me 'Wah lau why your face so white huh' when I reached the office OTL
I thought it would oxidize on me so I happily left home looking like that. Sobs.
I learnt my lesson after that first day and after which I used my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Sheer Glow Powder in No. 30 which is 1 shade darker for my skin after applying the BB cream to balance out the colour.
My final thought of this product - I like it! Even if the colour didn't match me lol.
It lasted as its name suggested for a long time and each day when I used my makeup wipes to wipe off the product, there was alot left on my face actually.
And the oil control is really superior compared to the Laniege one I used in the past (it's the Laniege BB Snow Cushion FYI) because I only found myself blotting about 5-6 hours after the application and even then, my face wasn't as oily as compared to when I'm using other face products.
So given that we live in such hot and humid weather conditions, I think they really formulated this BB formula very well for Southeast Asian countries! And SPF 50+/PA+++ too! Protection against both UVA and UVB rays wohoo!
Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion & Water Glow Cushion BB compacts retails for SGD$34 and KRW20,000 each. Does not come with any refill packs unlike most higher end Korean brands like Laniege and IOPE etc. Refills sell at SGD$20 and KRW 10,000 each. Hope this review helps and stay tuned for the next BB cushion review. (Edit: Here is my review for the IOPE BB cushion!) I will continue to file Korean brands under this label 'K-Beauty' so you can check those out if you're heading to Korea soon. I have a ton of Korean makeup goodies to share with you guys actually hoho! Alright, annyeong for you! :)