IOPE Air Cushion XP

Hey all! Sorry that this post has taken some time to go up because I was actually in Bangkok over the weekend lol.
To continue on with my 'BB cushion challenge', here's the second BB cushion pact I used everyday for an entire week - IOPE Air Cushion XP in N21. You can read about my review on the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion BB here.
IOPE Air Cushion XP BB cushion comes in 3 different ranges - Natural, Shimmer and Cover. You can decide what sort of coverage you'd like the BB to do and purchase accordingly. I bought No. 21 from the Natural series or N21 as indicated on the packaging because I didn't want to look overly shimmery like Edward Cullen nor have too thick of a coverage (my guess is that the Cover ones have very high coverage - don't quote me on that lol). I went for the safest option obviously haha!
IOPE does not have a physical counter/store in Singapore so I bought mine off Qoo10 during a sale. It was a bundle option of SGD$49.80 for the BB with a lipstick. I'm not too sure how much this retails in Korea so if anyone knows do let me know in the comments below. I will also review the lipsticks that I bought from IOPE in another entry so stay tuned for it! :)
The BB cushion comes in the standard white packaging as you can see and when you purchase, it comes with a refill hence you're paying for 2 cushions basically but with 1 cushion holder/cover.
When you open the new BB cushion, there is a seal over the cushion as seen below. I actually had to snap these pictures with my phone before proceeding to use the BB cream xD
If the seal is not there, highly possible that the item is not brand new so make sure it is there!
The puff provided is the typical BB cushion flat puff which... in my opinion should be more durable. I tried to wash my old Laneige old but it completely disintegrated so I had to throw it away and buy a new one. Pfffft!
As you can see, the coverage is very decent and natural looking. It doesn't give me the typical 'white' sheen that BB creams normally do and unlike the Innisfree one, I could go out of the house looking fairly normal and not have to use another powder so in this sense, I prefer the IOPE one over the Innisfree one.
Here I used the BB cream all over my face, using a patting motion FYI - please do not slide the puff all over your face as you would using a sponge to apply your foundation. Staying power is fairly decent and I surprisingly didn't blot my face throughout the week I used this.
Which do I like better? IOPE actually. Simply because the lasting power is better plus the colour matches my skin wayyyyyy better. That being said, you can go for the Innisfree one if you're budget conscious because it only comes with one BB cushion so you pay lesser for it as opposed to paying for the BB cushion with a refill for the IOPE one. I liked that the IOPE suited our local weather much more than the Innisfree one because I noticed the colour fading off much faster from my face when I used the Innisfree BB cushion. So even if I mentioned that I liked the Innisfree one in my previous entry, I'd prefer the IOPE one over that now that I've tried both versions.
Alrights, that's all for this entry. I hope it's useful for you guys reading this. I will be testing the newer version of the Laniege BB cushion next so stay tuned. Till then, bye!