Koh Grill & Sushi Bar with the girls :)

I finally went to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar at Wisma Atria's Food Republic to try their food! *takes out pom poms*
after finding so many pictures of it on Instagram and reading so many blogers blog about it when Lirong & Juyin asked where we should have our impromptu dinner, I suggested this place.
and yeah I did know we had to reserve before hand but I made the call the day before and the person told me no more reservations for dinner the next day O.o
but I told Lirong that for the sake of her Instagram followers we still had to go and queue to try their Shiok Maki LOL!
and coincidentally the girls managed to get there earlier to queue (thank you Juyin & Lirong!) while I made my way to town after work.
reached before they gave us our..... bar-top table haha.
it was packed to the brim I tell you! I kid you not.
Anw here's the star dish! Shiok Maki 1st Generation :D
Shiok Maki 1st Generation
and yes there's a 2nd Generation Shiok Maki which we didn't order cos... too much shiok-ness in a day can die jk la hahaha!
was it nice? YES :D
we ordered or rather, I wanted to order the century egg maki.
so exotic pls hahaha but anything with century egg, I WANT!
Century Egg Maki
And the rest of the food we I ordered :P
Soft-shell crab which was so-so only.
Another disappointment was this ramen D:
Now the sashimi... was da bomb! So thick and succulent yum!

Sashimi is love!

Hot-plate tofu another favourite
I really liked this... alot. And just nice there were 3 pieces so 1 for each of us :)
ended the night by going to the Watson's members sale where Lirong & I shopped like aunties and bought shitloads of things (and I had trouble carrying them home too. boo.)
and as always, our polaroids ritual.
hello Miss Lam, when will I ever see the your polaroid in reality again? LOL
this Juyin didn't bring hers out again I think the only time I saw her bring the polaroid out was to our grad trip and previously when we gave it to her on her 21st birthday.
which is like... 2 years ago....
anyhow, till the next foodie adventure!
I still have tons of pictures to upload haha.