Milkcow Singapore


New ice cream parlour in towwwwwwn! Oh gosh the amount of froyo/soft serve joints appearing in Singapore is really overwhelming >_< #fatdieusall Anyway the bff and I happened to pass by The Cathay last week and we decided to go try Milkcow Singapore which serves soft serve ice cream with tons of toppings to choose from. This brand is from Korea and you can see their advertisments featuring Lee Jong Suk playing on the screens at the counter. Now I've had my fair share of soft serve in Korea so I was really excited to try the taste of it, that creamy and milky goodness is really difficult to control and not many places can achieve a balanced taste of milk soft serve. I still salivate at the memory of eating my milk soft serve in Busan last winter so hopefully this one in Singapore will satisfy my cravings for it.


Located at Level 1 of The Cathay, just turn left upon entering from the main entrance of the mall and you'll see the store.

It does provide tables and chairs for their patrons which I like although the space is not very big so try to go at non-peak hours to secure a table and seat. We managed to snag a place because it was before dinner hour so people probably weren't looking to have ice cream before dinner la lol although I skipped dinner after that because I was too full from non-stop feasting that day.



We ordered an ice cream each - I had the Cookies & Cream (right) while the bff had Milky Honey (left) topped with Kit Kat. The pricings for the toppings are ridiculous!!! $1.50 for 2 bars of Kit Kat homg..... Next time I'll just bring my own ya #cheapo


I liked the taste of the soft serve though! You can really taste the milk in it and my oreo cookie toppings were very generous. I couldn't really finish them towards the end lol. Now the honey one was also pretty nice. I disliked the soft serves with honey served at Honey Comb in Bali Lane when we went there a few months back (I kept going yucks the entire time lol and only had like... less than 5 mouthfuls -.-" Waste my money sheesh) so when the bff asked if I liked this I was like 'YESSSSS!'


There are a ton of combinations to choose from so I'm really keen to go back and try the rest actually. Will slowly try them if I'm around the vicinity xD Anyway this place also knows how to make good use of social media to promote themselves! When you enter the store you'll be greeted by a wall of printouts that people have taken. At first I was quite amazed by it because it seemed like the staff are all damn hardworking to print out pictures to form a picture wall. And then I realised it's because they had a free printing service at their entrance! We backtracked our steps to stand at the machine to upload pics just to get that printout lol.



Super cute props that you can use while taking your pictures - damn good marketing strategies! LOL

All you have to do is upload the picture to Instagram and hashtag #milkcowsg and wait for your picture to print out automatically. Just make sure your account is set to public!


I uploaded the picture of the 2 ice creams to Instagram and got my printout instantly! Pretty cool because they even had the CNY border to match the festive season.


Alright, that's all for this entry! Gonna head to bed now because I have church tomorrow. Gonna explore a waffle place tomorrow with the GZBs tomorrow, hopefully it's awesome enough for me to write an entry about hahah.