My Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection and Swatches Part 1

Hello! I'm here to talk about some make-up simply because I've been trying to document my ever expanding make-up collection before I 'destroy' it by using it.
And ever so often all the make-up companies come up with really pretty and intricate patterns on their products to entice customers.
I just get sucked in all.the.time.
I'm a closet make-up addict I admit /sigh/ I'm also addicted to buying pretty nail polishes and recently my tastes have taken a turn for higher end brands FML and my wallet's life.
I like seeing really pretty make-up products that have whatever girly patterns or details to just make suckers like me fall for it and purchase it.
Look at my Instagram (@paulalogy) and you'll see everyone always asking me how many faces I have i.e. why do I need so much make-up whenever I post all  my hauls.
Someone "fainted" literally when they saw my nail polish collection >.<
My answer is pretty simple: I have 1 face but if all the pretty make-up make me happy, makes me feel good about myself, why not?
If pretty make-up makes your heart flutter like mine, you'll know what I mean :P
Ok so enough chit-chat, I was at the Watsons members sale just last week and I saw the 4 newly released Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters on sale and I was like... YESSSSS MUST BUY!!!! 
If you have no yet heard about how awesome they are, go knock yourself in the head now.
They are that good tbh!
Now these lip butters have been on the market for a couple of years already, easily close to 2 years or more but they hit Singapore fairly late compared to the States.
I remembering watching all my favorite Youtube makeup gurus raving about these lip butters and I was itching to get my hands on them!
I did cave in and buy a few of them locally because when I wanted to order them from the drugstore website some colours were out of stock.
But most of them, I got them from
So yah, back to the Watsons sale. I saw the 4 new ones, bought them and decided I should just do up posts on all my lip butters since I have so many of them (9 from my original stash + 4 new ones = 13 altogether WTF)
But I will split them up because the 9 that I'm featuring here have all been out for awhile.
From 2012 at least haha! Will feature the new ones in a separate post once I've used them to see if I like them as much as I do for the 9 I have here.
I do have to say, because I have used them before, they may look abit gunky and for some other reasons as well that I will mention below.
And I do think by looking at the pictures you'd know which are the ones I've worn more often heh xD
So here goes!
Here are the 9 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters I will be talking about in this post
025 Peach Parfait is my most used colour out of all my lip butters because it's so neutral and wearable for daily use.
Whenever I don't feel like putting on bright lip colours I always pick this.
Without fail! Even though I should show more love to my other nude/neutral colours lol.
If you don't like to draw much attention to your lips, you can go for this.
Colour is fairly nude and peachy colour with glitter specks, perfect for everyday looks!
025 Peach Parfait
001 Pink Truffle is on the neutral side and is a lot darker than 025 Peach Parfait.
I quite like this because even though I have fairly pigmented lips, the colour is still visible and really beautiful.
Gives my lips a glossy shine like how the product claims to.
001 Pink Truffle
095 Creme Brulee is a sheer and shimmery nude colour.
The colour actually applies on really sheer but it's buildable so you can decide the intensity of the colour that you want for this.
095 Creme Brulee
075 Lollipop is also another personal favourite of mine.
..and from the looks of it I hope you can tell why too.
It's just so vibrant and gorgeous! Bright fuchsia pink colour that screams "look at my lips!"
But it's also the one that has been affected the most by the weather in Singapore T.T
Yes, sad to say, these lip butters melt and our weather in Singaporea just really doesn't help it.
I do try and pop them into the fridge once in awhile and store them in dark and dry areas but still... SIGH.
Look at how gunky it looks already.
I've resorted to using a lip brush to apply this colour haha!
075 Lollipop
050 Berry Smoothie is a very wearable colour to be honest.
I think it'd suit alot of ladies with different skin tones simply because it's on the mauve-y side and that's a fairly neutral colour.
IMG_9858050 Berry Smoothie
090 Sweet Tart is also another favourite of mine.
This is a very cool toned pink colour that just reminds me of spring!
If you really like pinks I think this is the one for you, even more than the other bright pink that I have.
090 Sweet Tart
035 Candy Apple is a bright red colour. The colour is fairly true to the colour in the tube when applied.
I haven't really shown this colour much love yet because I always tend to gear towards the more work appropriate colours like corals, pinks or mauves.
But do get this if you love your reds! Ironic that my favourite colour is really red but my favourite lip colour is.... not red lol.
035 Candy Apple
015 Tutti Frutti is the only orange in this entire collection!
You might be thinking "wah, orange very obiang!".
Wrong, I tell you! It's a very wearable colour in my opinion.
Very summery feels! Mad loves hahaha!
Trust me, I really like this colour alot. Even my mum likes to use this colour quite often.
015 Tutti Frutti
080 Strawberry Shortcake is a sheer and creamy pink colour.
Very bright and vibrant but soooooooooooo pretty!
Doesn't it just remind you of Barbie's lips? :D


080 Strawberry Shortcake
Swatches of the lip butters below.
All swatches were taken under normal room lighting :)
IMG_8520 IMG_8521 IMG_8522
Now I really love this entire collection alot!
The entire range has loads of colours and I think there's always one for everyone in there be it a red, pink, coral, orange or nude colour.
What I really like about them are that they are extremely buildable and they don't smell bad. Ok, there's really no scent to them.
The colours are quite true to the ones you see in the tube except for the sheerer colours and they are quite moisturizing.
They last quite long too! For me at least.
I usually reapply the colour only after I've eaten something. Actually... most of the time I just forget to reapply but when I get home to remove my make-up, the colour is still there!
They are meant to be a mix of a balm and a lipstick and they are quite moisturizing in my opinion.
For the price that they sell in Singapore ($15.90 at Watsons), I'd say just wait for the Watsons members sale  (I got mine at $11.90 each)or get them online where you may buy 1 get 50% off the other which is what I usually do because $15.90 a piece is tmd expensive in my opinion.
Another plus point of getting them online? Wider range of colours!
Singapore only has a selective range of colours so that's really :(
And apparantly that's not something people in Singapore faced with these lip babies.
Sigh. I have a good mind to depot them all into a lip palette but that would be very restrictive cause I'd have to bring the entire palette out and use a lip brush to apply them.
Well, we'll see :(
Ok that's all folks!
I'll be back soon with Part 2 because there were newly released colours (yup, the 4 I picked up last week!) and... I'll find time to tell you their stories then hehe.
Till my next makeup adventure, bye! :)