Review: Symmetry

The girls and I headed to Symmetry at Jalan Kubor after our filling dinner at Yoogane from my last entry.
Have heard raves about the truffle fries and waffles from friends as well as reviews online so I was excited for Symmetry's food ^

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01

Singapore 199206

Agenda of the night was to have waffles.
But waffles were only available for brunch and lunch.
Ok lor /EMO/ But at least the truffle fries was available! :D *\O/*
First up, our drinks.
Ordered 2 ciders to share with Jace & Sinhui while Stella had the green tea latte.
Montieth Berries, $11
Montieth Pear, $11
Both were very refreshing and nice to drink but I preferred the pear one more over the berries. Possibly because I'm more of a pear scent person.

Pretty nice ambience in the cafe and good decoration around

Goofy camwhore time


See what I mean when I said the deco was nice and it's really quirky too. Good vibes all around.
So of course since we were on a throw out your non-existent diet day, we ordered some sides and a dessert to share.
Yes, truffle fries. With me around, whenever there are truffle fries, Paula is always there HAHAHA!
Potato fries, $15 (But it's really potato fries with truffle)
Squid, $17
Yup, $17 for this portion. Wtf really O.O
Chocolate bar, $17
This was a flourless chocolate cake with ice cream. Pretty steep prices generally for the portion D:
What I liked was the truffle fries and squid of course. The chocolate cake not so much.
Ciders were decent.
But the price :( Expensive.
On top of that there was service charge and GST of course.
Whole meal cost us $92.40. Yup, you're seeing it right.
/stares at wallet and cries/ D: D: D: D: D:
Anyhooooooo, it was good company! I'd probably not head back given that it's really bad for my wallet :/ maybe if I strike 4D or something HAHAHAHAHA.
Alrights, till the next entry byeeeeeeeeeeeee :))