Review: The Sushi Bar

Hello! I've been eating alot of 'hao liao' (good food in chinese) these days thanks to the CNY period so here to share the fats and calories love for yummilious food.
So made a random stop to The Sushi Bar last week for dinner with Hidaya.
The Sushi Bar

14 Scotts Road

Far East Plaza
There was no queue when we reached there at around 6.50pm so thank you dinner gods because I was damn hungry by then.
Seated at a small table for two in a corner and I decided to name it as our 'cui' date because we were both looking very cui that day i.e. I had no makeup on and in specs, she didn't even bother to dress up nicely for town hahah!
In our epic 'cui-ness' haha!
Service was very prompt given that no service charge was charged to patrons (Hidaya spilled soya sauce all over the table and the staff cleaned it up when she was serving us our food).
We ordered 2 cups of hot green tea ($1.50 each) which we can refill the hot water for free from the dispenser on our own.
And on to the food!
Scallop Mentaiyaki $13.90
Had no idea what to expect from this but just ordered it because it was a popular item on the menu ('人气' item).
Pretty yummy thinly sliced scallops with a flamed surface (?) wtf ok I cannot be a food blogger -.-"
Chawanmushi $2.80
Ohhhh the chawanmushi was so delish!
Soft and smooth texture with the ebi roe on top.
Must order! (Y)
Salmon Don $15.90
Now this was what Hidaya ordered as her main.
Because I was too busy gobbling up so many sashimi pieces at Sushi Express just a couple of days back, I skipped this and went ahead to order another main.
I totally regret it because the salmon was so generous! :'(
Will you look at how thickly sliced the salmon was?! Very worth the money because the salmon was really all thickly sliced and I kept koping from Hidaya's plate because I was so disappointed with my main.
Chicken Katsu Curry with Rice $13.90
One word: Disappointing.
Really, I was so bummed out by the curry and the chicken katsu. It just wasn't nice T.T
Sigh, lesson learnt already haha next time just order the salmon don.
I didn't finish this in the end because I kept staring at Hidaya's salmon and cursing myself only.
Now by then we were already almost done with all the food and 1 more item hadn't appeared yet.
It's their very popular dish, salmon aburi roll!
Yes, they forgot our order :(
So we had to wait again but it was worth the wait (although still abit miffed about missing out on our order).
Salmon Aburi Roll $14.50
Wrapped in a salmon piece with a thick slice of sashimi rolled within it.
Hidaya said this food item was very well loved on Instagram haha so we had to order it.
And I'm glad we did because it's really nice!
They were very generous with their ingredients and I was like gobbling everything up hehe.
Both of us agreed this was better than the Shiok Maki (which didn't quite live up to the hype to be honest).
So our total bill came up to $66.80 for 2 persons and by the time we left the restaurant it was already full and the queue was humongously long O.o
Luckily we came earlier haha! We went to watch The Lion Men after that and called it a night after that.
Go give The Sushi Bar a try! I'll probably bring the bf over to try the salmon aburi roll one day xD
Enjoy and till the next entry :P