Review: Yoogane Singapore

Hey all, I'm really excited to write this post because Yoogane finally opened a store in Singapore! :D
If you've read my Korea travelogue entry where I first experienced Yoogane's dakgalbi in Seoul, you'll know how much I actually love eating the food there.
I have been thinking of it alot since I returned from Korea. In fact, it is on my 'must eat' list for my next trip to Korea in tentatively Dec 2014.
I managed to satisfy my cravings on 1 May 2014 because I went to the SG outlet hahahaha!

200 Victoria Street

Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
I found out only the day before through this article that was circulating on Facebook about Yoogane opening a branch in Singapore.Excitedly tagged all my GZBs (gizibes or bad girls is Korean) to visit Yoogane soon and coincidentally, Stella and Sinhui and I were supposed to meet to cafe hop the next day which was Yoogane's first day of opening.
Ended up going to Yoogane instead lol. Talk about hardcore Korean fanatics huh lol.
Plan was to meet at 4pm to eat at an 'ulu' (slang for not common) timing to avoid the potential long queue. Was extremely full actually when I went there because I was with my BI friends prior to that but alas, foodie gods believe that we should empty our stomachs before having Korea's famous dakgalbi cos the restaurant was closed when we tried to go in.
They would only reopen at 6pm. Later found out it was because they ran out of ingredients and had to replenish stock lol. Ok can, I thought got lunch and dinner timing one haha. No ah, it's suppose to be open from 11am till 10pm all day long.
Group selca!
Came back at close to 6pm and the queue was in full force already. Thankfully managed to get seated quite quickly.
Now I am no food blogger so I cannot tell you the capacity of the restaurant but Yoogane Singapore is occupying the space which nydc used to be at in Bugis Junction and it's quite a huge space so should be plenty of tables for everyone. No need to queue for long hours or something for now la.
Seated and ready to camwhore lol. Prelude of what to expect in Korea during Dec my friends! HEHEH.
Yoogane mascot
See what I mean? LOL I can only be so camwhorish when I'm with them.
Otherwise, I act very demure one lol.
That day super hardworking, brought my DSLR and polaroid camera out so that I could get some blog content hahaha /pats self on back/
Good job, Paula!
Anyway, on to ordering from the menu! Even then, still in full camwhore mode lol.
The menu was not as extensive as the Korean one, at least for the additional dishes to be added on to your main galbi dish. I couldn't remember about the rest of the main dishes at the Korean outlet but where is my pumpkin, WHERE???!!!!
Each table can sit up to 6 pax (saw a group of 6 squeezed into 1 table) but I guess the comfortable number would be 4 pax or less? I didn't notice if they had any longer tables but nevertheless it was comfortable for the 4 of us to sit at the table.
A very thoughtful touch from the staff are the 'bibs' provided which I believe is to be worn to prevent any oil from splattering onto your clothes.
We just simply put them on for photography's sake and afterwards, 3 of us except Jace took off the bibs. Because this girl forgot to do so lol. But it was weird for me at least to wear it. I mean since it's an open air area and the food is being cooked on a grill, I'll just have to deal with the oil splattering and the BBQ smells lingering all over my clothing and hair hahahaha.
I was also pleasantly surprised to be informed by the staff that the restaurant provides charging outlets and wire (iPhone and perhaps for Andriod phones too?) for their customers to charge their mobile phones.
Which... I promptly stuck the wire into my iPhone because woes of forgetting to bring out your portable charger meant passing the day with dangerous low levels of battery -.-"
Thanks for providing me with extra battery juice, Yoogane Singapore!! :D
There is also a self serve corner where you can get side dishes such as these.
I liked the kimchi the best actually! Really yummy.
And if you find this weird open area where you see the staff cooking food, it's actually meant for patrons who ordered different kinds of food i.e. if you and your friends wanted to try for instance different galbi items on the menu, they will only bring 1 item and cook it in front of you at your table's grill while the rest will be prepared by the staff at this corner.
So that it doesn't get contaminated I suppose hahaha. Otherwise..... rojak dakgalbi anyone? Heh.
Here's what we ordered that day:
  1. Yoogane's Chicken Galbi, $14.90 (Note: All the main items' prices are for 1 pax)
  2. Additional Fried Rice, $3.90
  3. Mozarella Cheese, $3.90
Yoogane's Chicken Galbi for 1 pax lol
I have to say that we totally didn't think it was for 1 pax at all, we just ordered. Only when the food came did we realise how small the portion was LOL! But nvm, just cook first. We later on added another portion of the Yoogane Chicken Galbi.
So added on another portion of Yoogane's Chicken Galbi and the staff fried it together with the mozarella cheese and fried rice.
Taking the ladle because the bff wanted to take a pic of the rice.
Mix mix mix....
Add the cheese at the bottom of the pan...
Mix the rice in..
And voila, cheesy fried rice wohoooooo
Cheesy goodness ^^
What's my verdict of Yoogane Singapore?
I enjoyed it. Tremendously!
Yes, portions were smaller compared to the Korean outlets (this is Singapore, what do you expect man) and more expensive (SGD$14.90 versus 8,000KRW for 1 person portion) but the fact that you didn't have to fork out money for an air ticket to Korea and that the food tastes relatively similar to the Korean one is a plus point already.
AND THEIR SERVICE IS VERY GOOD!!! Kudos to the staff for being so nice and polite to us. I only have 2 thumbs so I'm gonna give you 2 thumbs up for being able to handle the crowd so well on your opening day! :))
You have no idea how I abhor restaurants who provide shitty customer service then proceed to charge us 10% extra for customer service. Simi gui logic is this?! Pffffft. (Yes, talking about you famous Japanese ramen joint @ Mohamed Sultan)
They asked us how the food fared and whether it was to our liking and also what other things could be taken into consideration to improve their service etc.
I told the staff that I'd really hope to see pumpkin added on to the menu so I can recreate the dakgalbi I had in Korea last year HAHAHAHA. I am pretty sure Lirong will agree with me on this (fellow pumpkin lover lol).
UOB cardholders also received 10% off our food bill so we managed to get a 10% discount off our bill.
I think given time the Yoogane Singapore outlet will definitely receive all the love like the Korean Yoogane outlets if they maintain their food and service standards.
So please please please maintain... and add pumpkin to your add-ons please! :P
I had a good time there Yoogane Singapore, thank you for making my 3rd meal of Labour Day such an awesome one.
Of course, good company helped too :D
Do note that the outlet does not take any phone reservations so tables are on a first come first served basis.
So till my next entry,  annyeong!