Selfridges Haul Part 2: Charlotte Tilbury

Here's the second part of my Selfridges haul. The first part can be found here.
In this installment, I'll be showing you these wonderful beauties from the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line.
I picked up 2 of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks - Bitch Perfect and Coachella Coral - and 1 eyeshadow palette in The Vintage Vamp.
Before I go on to rave about how pretty and awesome these items are, can I just say how much I love loVE LOVE the way she named all the items in her makeup collection? LOL!
I mean imagine someone asking you,
Friend: Eh, what lipstick are you wearing ah? Damn chio pls!
Me: Bitch Perfect /smiles/
Friend: /insert WTF look/
Ok, sorry. Sometimes I think too much HAHAHA.
So since we are on the topic of the lipsticks, let's start with them shall we?
The K.I.S.S.I.N.G line of lipsticks are said to be infused with a secret ingredient - an anti-oxidant from the Lipstick Tree that naturally protects lips from UV damage and external pollution.
Each lipstick weighs 3.5g and costs £23.
The packaging is a sleek rose gold tube with 'Charlotte Tilbury' printed across the inner tubing. The cover is embossed with the Charlotte Tilbury emblem.
Bitch Perfect is a perfect nude for everyday use. My arm swatch comes off as slightly veering towards the orange side but on the lips it looks like a true nude colour. If you are one who dislike wearing lip colours that scream 'look at me!', this would be the perfect one from her line of lipsticks to try first before you decide to buy the rest of the collection which I want to.
Coachella Coral is a satiny coral colour, as the name suggests obviously. This leans more towards the pinkier, mauve-y kind of coral shade but it looks so amazing on my lips.
Both lip colours have some micro glitter infused in them and are paraben free. They also have a vanilla type of scent but it isn't very overpowering so not to worry if you hate smells from cosmetics.
Now, I really like the pigmentation of these lipsticks when I swatched them on my arm.
I do have to say that I absolutely love how well they glide on my lips. They were both moisturized enough for me to last 4 hours before my lips starting drying out and flaking slightly (Lipsticks with glitter always does that to my lips), not full out flaking like crazy kind of lips so I would think on those with no inherent drying lips like mine would enjoy the moisture from the line.
My final thoughts on these lipsticks? BUY. BUY ALL YOU CAN BECAUSE I SURE AM GOING TO DO SO! :D
Next up is a eyeshadow quad from Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palette Colour-coded Eye Shadows line.
I chose The Vintage Vamp over the popular Dolce Vita palette because I thought this was different from the usual neutral eyeshadow quad because of the reddish hue of No. 2 Enhance.

Each palette weighs 5.2g and priced at £38, with no applicators inside.

She named the colours according to these numbers below:
1 - Prime - shimmery highlight
2 - Enhance - reddish brown colour
3 - Smoke - dark burgundy colour
4 - Pop - gold glitter flecks infused colour
I like how it's named because it helps those who do no have much experience with eyeshadows (like me) to know where to place the colours.
Here are the arm swatches of the palette without any primer:
I would say the colour pay-off for most colours were very good and intense, with the exception of No. 4 Pop which was a little too dry. I had to really dig my finger through it before it actually even appeared on my arm.
I really like how different the colours in this palette look from the usual neutral palettes available on the market and really can't wait to add more of the palettes from Charlotte's line to my collection HAHAHA!
It was so hard for me to control which ones I really wanted but now that I've tried them, I really want more of the lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes.
Oh and the Filmstar Bronze & Glow D: D: D:
My wallet is really crying T.T
Alrighty, hope you enjoyed this entry. BYE! :D