Super Show 5 Singapore

I know the title says 'Super Show 5 Singapore' but I'm so darn addicted to 2NE1's latest single 'Falling in Love'!
My Park Bom unnie is darn pretty I don't even...
Super Show 5 Singapore was held last Saturday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
My 4th Super Show (I went for SS2 in KL, SS3 and SS4 the past 2 years) with the bff heh.
Jace couldn't go due to health reasons so she was really missed!
Usually we have a few of us going together like Jace and Stella n her sisters but this year it was just bff and I.
Wanted to wake up uber early to go and queue for merchandise but both of us overslept and ended up meeting only at 9.30am.
The queue was already so long but thank God it didn't rain!
I remember queuing in the rain last year for the merchandise and there weren't any left when we reached the front of the queue.
Kudos to Running Into The Sun for the efficient merchandise sales.
It was the same for SHINee World Concert II last December where we could just pick what we wanted off the tables and head off to pay.
Previously we had to write our orders on a piece of paper and hand it over to the staff when we reached the front of the queue and it was just really very time-consuming!
We managed to get all our stuff at around 12-ish then we headed for lunch cos starving like mad already.
Lunch at Sushi Express at 313@Somerset! :D

爭鮮迴轉壽司 Sushi Express Somerset MRT Station, 313@somerset,313 Orchard Road #B3-28/29, Singapore 238895 6509-5002 AM 11:00~PM 09:30

This is a chain store from Taiwan!
I've tried it a few times in the past and even the outlet at Citylink Mall with Hidaya (once) but I don't really go there for my sushi fix because... I have no reason to be honest lol.
IMG_8851 (1)
The sushi here retails all at.... SGD$1.50 per plate!
Damn cheap please! We only paid $13+ each for lunch and we were stuffed to the brim!
So yeah whatever sushi you see on the conveyor belt is all that they offer but the variety is quite wide.
Salmon sashimi went for $1.50 as well and I had like....2 plates!
Super worth it, gonna boycott other sushi joints for the time being.
Bloody Sakae Sushi cost us $26 each that time when I met up with Hidaya and Juyin for dinner and we were sharing about 50% of the food wtf.
The sushi are all made on the spot save for the rice portion cos obviously they came out of a machine la.
But the staff were all very fast in preparing and replenishing the plates of sushi on the conveyor belt.
Lucky for us we were seated very near the prep area so everytime they placed the sushi on the belt we just grabbed hahaha!
So bff told me Stella and her are obsessed with this flamed salmon sushi so she was waiting for it to appear on the belt.
Lo and behold the guy really came to prepare it lol and we grabbed like 3 plates once it went onto the belt.
I even dedicated my first instavid to this sushi (15 seconds of look at my food lol!) to show Stella hahaha!
Left around 1 hour plus and the place was still full even after lunch hour leh!
Damn good everyone go try please hahaha! ahem Hidaya, Lirong and Juyin... Sushi date again? ^^
Headed back to stadium area to collect freebies.
The fun in going for K-pop concerts are the fan projects and slogans given out!
And I'm proud to say the ELF fandom is so awesome at such things!
Look at this!
Self printed concert ticket with each member!!! Super creative!!!
Super funny cos everyone was only entitled to get 1 'ticket'.
The fan coordinators will chop the back of your concert tix to show that you've taken the 'ticket' la.
And then... everyone was crowding around trying to trade for their biases.
Funny like hell! I was telling Sinhui 'Wah, photocard not enough now we have to trade outside concerts too for such things OTL'
I even told her to post on Twitter to look for trades lololol!
We got Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk's so I took Eunhyuk's even though my ultimate bias is Donghae.
Hyuk and Teuk are my other biases but I'll pick Donghae as my favorite ;)
Knew there wasn't any chance of trading to Donghae so gave up and helped her search for people to trade to Ryeowook.
After about 30 mins she gave up too and traded to Sungmin (why so many Sungmins ard?!) who is her 2nd bias lol.
So... we both didn't get our first bias :/
And from now on, pic spam from the concert!
IMG_8857 IMG_8859 IMG_8863 IMG_8865
Oh gosh all the fan slogans!!! I still have all of them from my previous Super Shows too haha!
Machiam collection leh :/
Moshpits looked super scary and squeezy thank God we bought seated tix!
Entertained ourselves with the lightstick before the concert cos we were inside super early.
And we were sleepy hahahah!
You know you're BFFs when you do stupid stuff together HAHAHAHAAHAH!
Concert started and Eunhyuk appeared on our side! Forever him one D:
Donghae is NEVER on our side idunlikeyouanymoreoppa:(
So Donghae was not his usual playful self in concerts then realised he was injured!
Why all my biases like to get injured then come to Singapore for concert ah?
First T.O.P now Donghae :( Who's next? (Please don't be injured anymore!)
Don't have any HQ pics because security is really anal regarding DSLRs during Kpop concerts.
I've since given up bringing my DSLR to any concerts at Indoor Stadium to give myself a break from being scared shitless of being caught by security for sneaking pictures after Super Show 3.
I don't get why are they so anal about photography la but somehow fansites are able to get very nice pictures all the them.
They are all trained ninjas lol those fansites!
So concert ended close to 10pm and that was it :(
Eunhyuk came out to clarify after the lights came up about Henry and Zhou Mi's status in Super Junior and it just broke my heart to see him so sad! T.T
13 members...15 members...we are just one big Super Junior family guys!
Overall this Super Show is just... plain sad la for many reasons.
Donghae's injury, Jace not coming, 1 day only concert (usually it's 2 days!) and the boys were very sad about it too, Eunhyuk with the announcement, no Teuk/Hee/Yesung >_< my Park leader....
...and last but not least my first and last Kpop concert for 2013 :(
But at least I got to spend it with the bff and saw Eunhae again after 1 year! :)
Let's meet again next year oppas! Please come to Singapore all the way till Super Show 10000000! :)